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- it's a beautiful life -

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

coffee time!

remember me?

good....... :)

well, things are so hectic! for starters--our A/C went out at our house. it's a hassle trying to get someone to even come look at it. sooo frustrating--but all things work together for the, i'm still happy! house is decorated for's been raining today, and we get cooler temp.'s tomorrow. this is definitely exciting! looking forward to the weekend already...t & i have the youth event this Fri. night, & we are excited! got a lot of stuff coming up in the next couple of i might as well embrace the hectic-ness...because it's coming with or without me!

short post, i know... i'll keep y'all updated! ;)

p.s.  twin nephews will be here soon,too..........

love ,
jayla xox...

a glimpse of fall at the ragsdale's :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

it's my birthday month!

hey y'all! :)

wow! it's been forever...i really thought i'd do better than this... once every month or two updates...not so good, huh? i will try to update more often!  alllllllllll kinds of things have happened, and i don't have time to share it all! ;( i know y'all missin' it.. lol..
well i've been married for 2 months and 6 days today!! and my birthday is in 6 days. i am so excited to be spending the upcoming weekend in dallas with my favorite people! my husband & parents! we'll be going to the rodeo friday night & staying the night...doing a little shopping & eating saturday! the first of my birthday celebrations! :) i can't wait!
i've been soooo exhausted lately! staying up late, working all day, working at the house in the evenings or doing other obligations...i need ENERGY! :-O
also excited about some upcoming events at church! our back to school service on aug. 19th. T will be preaching...and then planning for the truth retreat in november! we are just staying BUSY!
i have bought my first of FALL things for our house and i'm super excited! i can't wait to decorate for fall, and feel a little cooler than the over 100 degrees average temp.'s we've been having lately!

love y'all... 'til next time......
mrs. ragsdale
youth quake, bastrop, LA 7/23/11

hangin' out... t+j

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

crazy tuesday! feels like it should at LEAST be thursday. can i get a witness?
i'm exhausted; work is crazy; and it seems like it's the longest week, ever!

we spent the weekend in lake charles, la for T's brother (jody's) them all married and drove back in late saturday was a long trip and we were both glad to be home! then church / father's day , sunday....and the week began.

just wanted to give y'all a quick update...( i should be cleaning, unpacking boxes, or making things more organized around here, or even doing laundry...but honestly, i'm tired of all of that :P ), lucky you!

we have done a little more work to the house--and still lack a lot! it's just hard w/ T's work the way, all my friends PLEASE say a prayer...we are believing God for a miracle for his work schedule! he just left for work about an hour and a half ago...i haaaaate when he leaves for work an hour after i get home...and then is gone all stinks! :( so, help us pray...i know God will make it all good in His time!

i'm looking forward to the weekend... friday night we are having my parents over for dinner (part of my dad's father's day gift) and saturday, i hope to spend some time in the pool at mom & dad''ll be the first time this summer, and i'm ready! so i hope weather and pool chemicals work for my benefit! ;) i'm gonna leave T here and let him work, lol...unless he escapes while i'm gone! hah!!

hope you all are having a great week!

the following is a picture of us from their wedding
 rehearsal on fri., 6/18/11...
someone or something was distracting T...
but it's still sweet:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

an overdue note from the "MRS." :)

Hey everybody!

It's been forever.....but I have been a little busy. New home, New husband & New vehicle...takes a lot out of a girl, right? haha!!!
This again will be very brief...but I wanted to update our blog, for all of you who "care"! ;)
A little run down.....
Our wedding was perfect & gorgeous...& i might be a little partial! My bridesmaids & T's groomsmen were killer beautiful in their smokin' outfits, as well as our flower girls & bible boys! I heard the food &cakes were really phenomenal, too...that's the only disadvantage to being the "bride" good food! lol...I think I'll live.
Our honeymoon was so much fun! I only wish it could have lasted longer...I will share a picture from each of the big events, below.
I am still in the process of moving all of my stuff..........(now THAT'S work!)...and we are still trying to fix up our home...lots of work, but it will all be worth it!

Love to you all..
Mrs. Ragsdale ;)

a picture of me & t at our rehearsal dinner - 5.27.11
wedding party @ our wedding - 5.28.11
honeymoon with my honey
our new ride...byebye sportscar, hello SUV - 2011 hyundai santa fe

Monday, April 18, 2011


....that's how i feel right now! wow! i'm exhausted; have wayyy too much on my to-do list; and i see no light at the end of this tunnel!!! i've set aside an hour to go get a pedicure after work this evening--REGARDLESS! the electricians are at the house now--updating the fuse box, and some other things i can never say correctly, because i really have no clue what they're doing...i just know they charge high dollar for it! ack!!!! ;-P
     it's been a while since i've posted, so i thought i wouldn't leave ya hanging! i have a PARTY the next three weekends in a row! , if all the "getting married" stuff was THAT fun, lol... pantry party this week, wedding shower  @ terry's former home church the next weekend, then my personal shower the following weekend! i <3 parties!
     i'll be posting later.......for now, have a great monday!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

so much to do, so few people to do it for me!

..........that is the theme of my life right now! :)

what a BEAUTIFUL wedding shower we had saturday...if you came, trust, it didn't go unnoticed & it meant the world to us! if you didn't missed out on the event of the year (next to my wedding, of course!) ;) hah!!! we feel so blessed to have the family & friends we have, and the love and support that was literally "showered" on us through gifts & cards! God is good! of course, there were some things that are NECESSARY that we didn't acquire at this shower--however, T's church is hosting us a shower as well at the end of maybe we will get a few of those neccessities, like a microwave, etc. !:)

.....the gifts!...isn't that lovely? :)

....amazing, tasty, and beautiful Cake...

lovely... T& J :)

i have been so busy, and i want a vacation soooo bad...but that won't happen anytime soon!...taking on a wedding and a house at once is quite overwhelming...and i'm just getting a tad bit crazier each day! :-P got lots to do...but have been making a little progress...on invitations,thank-you cards & things of the like! i'm SO looking forward to the next several weeks....crazy, but fun! lots of packing, working, cleaning, planning, shopping & partying!...'til then...



Thursday, March 31, 2011

48 hrs & 19 min :)

..........I will be sitting down at my FIRST EVER wedding shower for MYSELF! :)) hehehe!! We are SO excited & I really hope alllll my people can come to celebrate! It's just gonna be a big, happy party!

I was so looking forward to going shopping with my Mom tonight, but she isn't feeling well :(  say a prayer for her!--some of the outfits I got in Shreveport, I decided I didn't like after I got home...(don't hate--you've done it before, too!) So, I'm just gonna run to Dillards after work & see if I can snag a couple of cute things & be done with it! (I have to go home & CLEAN!!)

Sipping on some coffee I made @ work, looking forward to the next 38 minutes to come & go! Pray for T, he works again tonight--sooo thankful for his job...but he is NOT digging the whole night shift thing! ;"( It will all work out though! God is faithful...

Later Gator!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

wedding shower is 4 days away!

WHOAH!! my wedding shower is only 4 days away--that's insane! soo's like Christmas in April! i think we should do this at least twice a year,lol! (the shower, NOT the wedding!) hah!!

i've had a looonnng day...i have felt like a zombie ever since i got out of bed, actually
after work, i went to dinner w/ T @ wingstop...then got a mani & pedi (the guy took f-o-r stinkin' e-v-e-r)...i promise i was at the nail place 2 1/2 hours... ;( grrr! that's when it becomes a CHORE instead of a PLEASURE.. anyway,my nails & toes are cuter than they were before i went, i suppose...(and i'm also a little poorer!)

after that ordeal, i went by the family life center to check the status of my wedding's gonna be SO cute, and very "shabby chick-ish"...i hope EVERYONE can would mean the world to us! :)

home now, (finally..i felt like i'd never get here)..and yes, i have wedding invitations to address, i have things to order online, i have cleaning to do, and the list goes on.......BUT, i'm sipping hot tea & about to call it a night. i've decided it can all head hitting the pillow @ 10:00pm is my goal...

tons of love...

Monday, March 28, 2011

exciting stuff :)

well hello on a Monday! :)

....still not feeling up to par...but,hoping i do before the week is over...BECAUSE....our wedding shower is THIS saturday! wow!! still unbelievable to me! :) time is flying by... i have so much to do this week--gotta do some shopping for a couple of outfits i need; address wedding invitations(ugh!,ugh!) and get ready for all of the guests coming into town for our shower!! i am so excited to see everyone, and to be able to share this time with them..... let's just say, i like parties..and i think this is gonna be a jam up good one!!;)
poor T started working night shift on saturday night.. pray he gets adjusted to it, and he's not tooo grumpy! ;) lol...we have our work cut out for this--painting should start in the house THIS week sometime! i am anxious for it to all start coming's a work in progress, and i'm too OCD for that! ;-/

take a look at this...

finally came in the mail!...this is what my wedding gown will hang on, (once i actually get it back from being altered & cleaned!) i just think this is incredible! :)

love to you all-- have a fabulous Monday afternoon!
leave me some comments :)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

sick, again!?

my crazy immune system! seriously!?!?! it's on the blink (again!).. i do think it is stress-induced! so my mom just went and invested in some major vitamin c-ish stuff to help me feel better!
quick update here, since i'm sitting at home...miserable because of all the things i know i need to be doing.. such as: be at work today, work on school assignments, be at our house cleaning & helping T with stuff, doing office work at the church, etc. etc. but, maybe this is the only way God knows i will actually rest...and i'm really not resting..just sitting here getting more aggravated by the  minute..ha ha!! to you all..hope you are having a great week.. tomorrow is FRIDAY! say a prayer for me..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The First Blog :)

Hey everyone!
This is my first blog on this particular site--I wanted to come up with something so after the wedding is all said & done, those who would like...can still keep up with us & all the crazy things I'm sure we will be taking on and getting into!
I am currently in stress-mode. Buying a house, "home-improving" a house, planning a wedding, working a full time job, church-ing full time, and going to grad school...well, i have a bit of a full plate! but all is well...i just pray every night for the Lord to give me an extra boost of strength & energy...and so far i'm still truckin'!! :)
Don't have much time now, but I promise you'll hear back from me! The coolest thing is...T doesn't even know he is now a blog-owner...heheh! I'll fill him in later, and maybe we can get him to post sometime!


~ Jayla