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- it's a beautiful life -

- it's a beautiful life -

Monday, March 28, 2011

exciting stuff :)

well hello on a Monday! :)

....still not feeling up to par...but,hoping i do before the week is over...BECAUSE....our wedding shower is THIS saturday! wow!! still unbelievable to me! :) time is flying by... i have so much to do this week--gotta do some shopping for a couple of outfits i need; address wedding invitations(ugh!,ugh!) and get ready for all of the guests coming into town for our shower!! i am so excited to see everyone, and to be able to share this time with them..... let's just say, i like parties..and i think this is gonna be a jam up good one!!;)
poor T started working night shift on saturday night.. pray he gets adjusted to it, and he's not tooo grumpy! ;) lol...we have our work cut out for this--painting should start in the house THIS week sometime! i am anxious for it to all start coming's a work in progress, and i'm too OCD for that! ;-/

take a look at this...

finally came in the mail!...this is what my wedding gown will hang on, (once i actually get it back from being altered & cleaned!) i just think this is incredible! :)

love to you all-- have a fabulous Monday afternoon!
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