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- it's a beautiful life -

- it's a beautiful life -

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

so much to do, so few people to do it for me!

..........that is the theme of my life right now! :)

what a BEAUTIFUL wedding shower we had saturday...if you came, trust, it didn't go unnoticed & it meant the world to us! if you didn't missed out on the event of the year (next to my wedding, of course!) ;) hah!!! we feel so blessed to have the family & friends we have, and the love and support that was literally "showered" on us through gifts & cards! God is good! of course, there were some things that are NECESSARY that we didn't acquire at this shower--however, T's church is hosting us a shower as well at the end of maybe we will get a few of those neccessities, like a microwave, etc. !:)

.....the gifts!...isn't that lovely? :)

....amazing, tasty, and beautiful Cake...

lovely... T& J :)

i have been so busy, and i want a vacation soooo bad...but that won't happen anytime soon!...taking on a wedding and a house at once is quite overwhelming...and i'm just getting a tad bit crazier each day! :-P got lots to do...but have been making a little progress...on invitations,thank-you cards & things of the like! i'm SO looking forward to the next several weeks....crazy, but fun! lots of packing, working, cleaning, planning, shopping & partying!...'til then...



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  1. You're shower was so nice. I'm so glad you got so many nice things. After the wedding, it's time to start learning out to cook now that you have so many nice things to cook with!!!

    No excuses!!