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- it's a beautiful life -

- it's a beautiful life -

Thursday, March 24, 2011

sick, again!?

my crazy immune system! seriously!?!?! it's on the blink (again!).. i do think it is stress-induced! so my mom just went and invested in some major vitamin c-ish stuff to help me feel better!
quick update here, since i'm sitting at home...miserable because of all the things i know i need to be doing.. such as: be at work today, work on school assignments, be at our house cleaning & helping T with stuff, doing office work at the church, etc. etc. but, maybe this is the only way God knows i will actually rest...and i'm really not resting..just sitting here getting more aggravated by the  minute..ha ha!! to you all..hope you are having a great week.. tomorrow is FRIDAY! say a prayer for me..