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- it's a beautiful life -

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

wedding shower is 4 days away!

WHOAH!! my wedding shower is only 4 days away--that's insane! soo's like Christmas in April! i think we should do this at least twice a year,lol! (the shower, NOT the wedding!) hah!!

i've had a looonnng day...i have felt like a zombie ever since i got out of bed, actually
after work, i went to dinner w/ T @ wingstop...then got a mani & pedi (the guy took f-o-r stinkin' e-v-e-r)...i promise i was at the nail place 2 1/2 hours... ;( grrr! that's when it becomes a CHORE instead of a PLEASURE.. anyway,my nails & toes are cuter than they were before i went, i suppose...(and i'm also a little poorer!)

after that ordeal, i went by the family life center to check the status of my wedding's gonna be SO cute, and very "shabby chick-ish"...i hope EVERYONE can would mean the world to us! :)

home now, (finally..i felt like i'd never get here)..and yes, i have wedding invitations to address, i have things to order online, i have cleaning to do, and the list goes on.......BUT, i'm sipping hot tea & about to call it a night. i've decided it can all head hitting the pillow @ 10:00pm is my goal...

tons of love...

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