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- it's a beautiful life -

- it's a beautiful life -

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

coffee time!

remember me?

good....... :)

well, things are so hectic! for starters--our A/C went out at our house. it's a hassle trying to get someone to even come look at it. sooo frustrating--but all things work together for the, i'm still happy! house is decorated for's been raining today, and we get cooler temp.'s tomorrow. this is definitely exciting! looking forward to the weekend already...t & i have the youth event this Fri. night, & we are excited! got a lot of stuff coming up in the next couple of i might as well embrace the hectic-ness...because it's coming with or without me!

short post, i know... i'll keep y'all updated! ;)

p.s.  twin nephews will be here soon,too..........

love ,
jayla xox...

a glimpse of fall at the ragsdale's :)

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