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- it's a beautiful life -

- it's a beautiful life -

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The First Blog :)

Hey everyone!
This is my first blog on this particular site--I wanted to come up with something so after the wedding is all said & done, those who would like...can still keep up with us & all the crazy things I'm sure we will be taking on and getting into!
I am currently in stress-mode. Buying a house, "home-improving" a house, planning a wedding, working a full time job, church-ing full time, and going to grad school...well, i have a bit of a full plate! but all is well...i just pray every night for the Lord to give me an extra boost of strength & energy...and so far i'm still truckin'!! :)
Don't have much time now, but I promise you'll hear back from me! The coolest thing is...T doesn't even know he is now a blog-owner...heheh! I'll fill him in later, and maybe we can get him to post sometime!


~ Jayla

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